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Established in 1972 in Develi District of Kayseri, Saray Hali, became what it is today. With its successful and up to date technology investments, Saray is one of the powerful companies in its industry, manufacturing at global standards thanks to its production capacity, product variety, employment, export, and technological edge.

At Saray Hali, all production processes, from extrusion to yarn processing, from weaving to finishing, are all performed in vertically integrated facilities equipped with high-tech systems built on an open area of 500,000 m².

Our Anna collection, which appeals to all styles and tastes, will add freshness to your home. It is manufactured for you with its "cutloop" weaving construction made of 100% Polypropylene yarn.
Luna, designed as if it came out of a painter's brush, will be the favourite of all art lovers. It is manufactured for you from 100% Polypropylene yarn.
With its noble line and unique spirit, it will give elegance to your living spaces. Saltanat carpets with their unforgettable and cultural lines are made for you from 100% polypropylene yarn.
Through combining simplicity and elegance with modern lines, Style collection will bring gracefulness to your home's style. It is manufactured for you from polypropylene and polyester yarn.

We care about the future

The purpose of Saray Carpet, to leave more green world for future generations. . 

At Saray Halı, we try to offer to our customers brand new products of technological innovation by taking into account rapid changing market conditions and customer demands. In addition, we as a company value importance to incorporating the use of creative and superior methods of organization and management of all kinds of design, production, research, and development processes carried out within the company. In an effort to ensure that these methods become part of our corporate culture, we emphasize training and apply such methodologies as 6 SIGMA and 6S successfully within the company.